solar wall pack light

Question1. Are solar lights safe?

Answer: Yes, it’s safe. Myard’s solar light all use 18650 lithium iron phosphate battery, this battery is stability. The solar charge controller protects the battery overcharged.

Question2. Are solar lights bad for plants?

Answer: No, the solar light is similar generally led light, not bad for plants.

Question3. Are solar lights bright enough?

Answer: It depends on the solar light power. Solar wall-mounted lights always small watts because of their small size. Solar wall lights always use to temporarily illuminate the road, pathway, or for security, so they don’t need too bright. Solar flood light and street light are high watts, they always offer continuous lighting, the brightness is higher.

Question4. Are solar lights a fire hazard?

Answer: Generally solar light is safe, it uses the stability 18650 lithium iron phosphate battery, the controller also has overcharge and short circuit protection. Just use it according to instruction and the right place, it would be safe.

Question5. Are solar lights waterproof?

Answer: Yes, absolutely waterproof. Solar wall mounted lights could reach IP55 rating, solar flood lights and street light could reach IP65 rating, which means they can work in heavy rain, the first number represents dust-proof, the second number represents water-proof. The bigger the number, the stronger the proof.

Question6. Can solar lights charge in shade?

Answer: No, it can’t. The solar light charge process turns the solar energy to electric, in shade,solar panel can’t get energy, so can’t charge in shade. Please use solar light in the right way.

Question7. Can solar light batteries be replaced?

Answer: Actually, we don’t suggest replaced battery by yourself if you were not a professional.

Quetsion8. Can solar lights work inside?

Answer: No, it can’t get solar energy inside, so that it can’t work normally.

Question9. Can solar lights stop working?

Answer: Sure, it can stop working. In general, a solar lamp has a switch that you can turn on or off manually. If there is no switch, cutting off solar lights and solar panels can do the same.

Question10. Can solar light batteries be recharged?

Answer: Yes, the batteries of solar light could be recharged. The batteries charged by the solar panel then discharged to light on the fixture. It can be charged up to 2,000 times.

Question11. Do solar lights need direct sunlight?

Answer: Yes, direct sunlight is better. If not, the batteries also can chargeable, but slowly.

Question12. Do solar lights work in the winter?

Answer: Yes, it can work in the winter. But under the influence of low temperature to reduce the battery discharge depth, light time will be shorter.

Question13. Do solar lights use batteries?

Answer: Of course. The battery is the most important part of the solar light system. The battery stores the electricity converted by solar energy and lights up the led lamps.

Question14. Do solar lights work at night?

Answer: Sure. All solar lights work at night (from dusk to dawn) . The solar panel likes a light sensor when it detects ambient light below a certain value, the light will be turn on.

Question15. Why have solar lights stopped working?

Answer: For solar flood light or solar street light, you should check the connection between the solar panel and the lamp, if they have a remote control, make sure it was correct setting, finally maybe just after a few rainy days, the batteries are lower. You only need to recharge it on a sunny day. About solar wall mounted light, they always integrated type, usually is batteries issue, recharge would be okay.